VPPEI Search Community Consultation

谢谢你参与美军陆军nity consultation process for SFU’s first Vice-President, People, Equity and Inclusion (VPPEI).

The community was invited to share with the search committee the qualities, attributes and types of experience they feel the successful candidate for VPPEI should possess. This extensive feedback helped shape the candidate profile, a document that will be used in the recruitment and evaluation of candidates.

We heard from the community and used your feedback to revise the candidate profile.

What we heard

How we responded

EDI should be at the center of this position

We agree that EDI will be at the center of the VP’s work and that they will be responsible for providing strategic leadership across the university to facilitate the systemic changes required to reach our EDI goals.

The VP will advance our approaches to reconciliation, anti-oppression and inclusion of BIPOC members among our students, faculty and staff.

Students should be included and the VP should engage with students

We have enhanced the VP’s connection to and engagement with students and the VP’s collaborative relationship with the Associate Vice-President, Students and International on matters related directly to students.

That the VP should be a candidate with lived experience

我们已经强调,重要的和持续的effort will be made to encourage candidates from equity-deserving groups and with lived experience of marginalization and oppression (including Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, LGBTQIA2S+ and persons with disabilities).

That the VP should have a PhD

We heard conflicting feedback on this topic and will not be making a PhD a requirement.

It is important that we do not restrict the candidate pool and create barriers that may exclude qualified candidates, who are often those from equity-deserving groups.

What we have done instead is indicate a need for post-graduate work in a relevant field and understanding of scholarship and research in the areas of EDI. In addition, candidates with a previous faculty appointment will be eligible for a tenured faculty appointment.

That in order for the VP to be successful they need to be supported

We recognize that in order for the VP to be successful we need to develop support systems and resources for the VP.

We have indicated that the portfolios overseen by the VP will be led by Associate Vice-Presidents or Executive Directors who will have the experience, expertise and authority to advise and support the VP.

In addition, the VP will have regular strategic dialogue with the senior leadership team, a formalized mentoring relationship with the President, budget oversight commensurate with the scope of their portfolios and access to regular developmental opportunities.

That the VP understands the function of Faculty Relations

We have outlined that the VP will work closely with the Vice-President, Academic and Provost on matters related directly to faculty and that Faculty Relations will remain tied to the academic mission of SFU.

The search committee will now be working with the executive search firm to develop a pool of candidates who will be invited for interviews. This process will be taking place from now and throughout the summer and we hope to make an announcement regarding the new VPPEI shortly after that time.The finalized candidate profile is available onlinehere.

SFU is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community where all feel welcome, safe, accepted and appreciated in learning, teaching, research and work. This is an important step forward in our journey and we would like to thank you again for your participation.